Root-to-Rise Definitions

What are Roots?

Roots represent the different areas of your life that you value, such as health, family, romance, career, and friends. Roots can be measured based on how strong they are able to bring your life the security you need to rise up from them and reach for your life goals and aspirations.

What is Rise?
Rise means that we identify and connect with a higher purpose in life. The higher purpose allows us to reach out our branches so that we can grow and live to our fullest potential.

What is Root-to-Rise?
Root-to-Rise is a yoga principal that works to help you create stability and balance in your body. Rooting down into the ground involves both visualizing roots coming from the part of the body that is connected to the Earth and using muscular energy to rise up from a stable base to organically extend into the Sky in an upwards direction. It is also a metaphor for creating more security and balance in your life so that you can safely pursue your life’s goals and ambitions, and connect to a higher purpose that gives your life a deeper meaning.

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